Social Media Guidelines

Social Networking Guidelines as a Randolph High School student-athlete, you are a representative of the high school. We encourage you to be mindful of your team, your family and Randolph High Athletics as you take part in social networking sites. While Randolph High Athletics has no formal policy in regards to participation in social networking sites, the following suggestions are highly recommended.  • Do not post personal information such as cell phone numbers, date of birth, social security number, address, class schedules, your whereabouts, etc.  • Consider that once any written text or photo is posted online, it becomes available to anyone with internet access.  • Consider that many potential employers, college admissions counselors, college coaches, internship services, and scholarship committees now search these sites to screen applicants • Only “friend” individuals that you would actually consider a friend. • Don’t post anything privately that you would not post publicly. • Monitor default privacy settings.  • Do not post information about your teammates, coaches,teachers or administration.  • Student-athletes could face discipline/dismissal for violation of team and/or MIAA policies.