RHS Covid-19 Positive Athlete Quarantine and Return to Sport Policy

Randolph High School and Middle school student athletes who test positive for Covid-19 must quarantine and avoid exercise for at least 10 days as required by the CDC, DPH and MIAA guidelines. Additionally, athletes are required to provide a physician’s note specifically clearing them for a return to athletics. Both symptomatic and asymptomatic student athletes must get medical clearance. Once clearance is given, the student athlete must complete a gradual return to play.

Research has shown that people who have contracted the Covid -19 virus are at greater risk for cardiac issues once they recover. The medical clearance and gradual return to play ensures the safety of the student athlete and must be adhered to.

The following is a link to a study found in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology detailing the effect Covid-19 can have on the heart.


The following is a link to a Q&A from the Massachusetts Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics discussing the need to get medical clearance and completing a gradual return to play protocol following a positive Covid-19 diagnosis.


Additionally, the gradual return to play guideline adapted from the British Journal of Sports Medicine recommended by the MIAA will be utilized. Details on that guideline are shown on the next page.


Step 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6  Day 7
Activity Minimum Rest Period Light Activity Moderate Activity Duration of Training Increases Intensity of Training Increases Full Activity Full Competition
Exercises Walking, Stretching Walking, Stationary Bike Jogging, Squats, Simple Movements More Complex Movements Limited Practice Full Activity Full Competition
Duration During 10 Day Quarantine  <15min <30min <45min <60min Full Activity Full Competition
Objective Recovery, Protect Cardio Respiratory system Increase Heart Rate Increase Load Exercise Coordination and Skills/Tactics Assess Functional Skills, Limited Practice Full Activity Full Competition