Concussion Test

Important: If you are planning to participate in athletics (Fall, Winter, Floating, Spring) during the academic year, you will be required to complete the concussion test (waived if you completed the exam last year).  The athletic department is partnering with a new vendor for the test.  Concussion Vitals Signs is the platform we will use.

Below at the instructions for completing the exam.

Concussion Vital Signs – Concussion Baseline Testing
Instructions to Take an Athlete Baseline Test – Randolph HS

  •  Go to the website:
    * Click on “Athlete Testing”
    * Login: Username: Randolph (Capital “R”)
    * Password: Blue Devils (Include the space and Capital B & D)
    * Athlete ID Field: enter your information in the following format:
    * Lastname-firstname-month of birth-day of birth-year of birth
    * (i.e. doe-john-08-22-2004)
    * Click “Take Test”
    * On Concussion Vital Signs Page – complete the following:
    * Re-enter Athlete ID: i.e doe-john-08-22-2004
    * Enter Birth Date of Athlete
    * Under Assessment Type: Select “Baseline”
  • * Under Assessments: Select “Concussion Vital Signs” ONLY
    * Under Testing Supervision: Select the appropriate level
    * Under Testing Environment: Select the appropriate level
    * Click “OK”
    * On Confirm Settings Page
    * Click OK if everything looks good
    * Select Language
    * Click OK
    * Read Verbal Memory Test Instructions and press Enter key to begin test
    *Instructions for each section