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Boys Varsity Track, Girls Varsity Track · Athlete of the Week: Chris Doan ’16

This week’s male student-athlete of the week is Junior Chris Doan.


1. Q: How do you feel about your season so far?

I think I can do a lot better than where I am, but I believe constantly pushing to be a better athlete is necessary to be good at any sport.

2. Q: What is your favorite event in track and field?

A: Long jump and Triple JumpIRA-159233-26255679

3. Q: Who is your favorite professional athlete and why?

A: Although he is not the most prominent athlete, the long jumper Greg Rutherford is my favorite athlete. He comes from small town but achieves a lot which I strive to do also.

4. Q: What is something about you that most people don’t know?

A: My favorite animal is the turtle.

5. Q: How did you first get involved with Track & Field?

A: I joined late going into my freshman year but I tried it out with a friend.

6. Q: What is your favorite track memory?

A: Jumping 40’ in the Triple Jump and competing in the Bay State Games.

7. Q: Who is your favorite musical artist?

A: Ariana Grande,

8. Q: Are you involved in any other activities or sports at RHS?

A: Cross country, Band, and Asian ClubIRA-159233-26255904

9. Q: What’s your favorite subject?

A: Math

10. Q: Plans for after high school? College? Work?

A: I plan to go to a engineering school and hopefully pursue a career in track there.

11. Q: What do you hope for by the end of the season?

A: To jump past a 20 foot jump in long jump.